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Design construction of elevators and escalators

REAL performs licensed activities associated with the design of the construction part of lifts:

 •  Projects on replacement of elevators; 

•  Reconstruction projects for the construction of the installation of elevators (when replacing the cargo elevator to the passenger, increasing the number of stops, etc.); 

•  Projects auxiliary elevator shafts (deaf, glazed); 

•  Projects newly constructed building of the elevator (for reconstruction);

•  Calculation of the performance and the required number of elevators for office buildings;

•  Preparation of task in construction design of the elevator;

•  Advice in accordance with current legislation and other norms.

Construction of the elevator is designed to meet the requirements of the rules of operation, environmental, sanitary and fire norms operating within the territoryof Ukraine. The cost and timing of construction work on our projects are optimized through the use of modern methods of calculation, experience, andknowledge of modern materials and technology.

Elevator shaft can be made of brick, concrete (precast, monolithic). It also involves designing and supporting self-supporting metal frame of mines and special projects of the combined designs. Our engineers will exercise supervision during construction.